How To Send Contact Form 7 Leads To ActiveCampaign

In this blog, I will guide you on how to send contact form 7 leads to ActiveCampaign in the easiest way. Contact form 7 is the most popular free WordPress plugin with easy to use interface. ActiveCampaign is a cloud software platform that offers software for customer experience automation which combines transactional email, email marketing, and marketing automation.

If you are running your business via a WordPress site and want to collect your leads from your contact form then you can now do this easily.

Install & Activate CWW Connector

First, you have to install CWW Connector after you have installed and activated CWW Connector plugin, you will have to activate its license. You can get your license to your email while you purchase the plugin.

Note: You can try our free version and still collect your contact form 7 leads. But the premium version has all the features which you need.

Now, open your contact form from the dashboard and go to the “ActiveCampaign” tab

How To Send Contact Form 7 Leads To ActiveCampaign
  • Click Connect this form to ActiveCampaign
  • Add your API URL
  • Add your API key
  • Add your list ID

How to get your ActiveCampaign API Key

To know your ActiveCampign API key and API URL login to your ActiveCampaign account and follow the steps below.

How To Send Contact Form 7 Leads To ActiveCampaign
  • Click on Settings >> Developer

You can see your API key and URL here use them for plugin settings.

How to get ActiveCampaign List ID

To find your ActiveCampaign list ID login to your ActiveCampaign account and follow the steps below

  • Click on Contacts >> Lists

Here you will get all your available lists and click on the list you like to move your leads to. After that see your URL, and you will get a URL like: ?listid=1 (see image above) here your list id will be 1. Note that it is different for all lists so carefully check your ID and use it in the plugin settings.

Note: In the premium version you can easily get your list id by clicking “View Lists ID”

Here, you can see two lists with id 1 and 3 respectively

Setting CWW Connector To Collect Form Leads

Once you configure your API details from the above steps, now all you have to do is to set form fields.

  • Click on Form Fields
  • Select Email Field (email field is required, the plugin will not work if you don’t select email field)

You can also select any other fields as per your needs. Also, you can send special notes with leads to ActiveCampaign, assign tags, and also you can add extra fields.

How to configure extra fields to CWW Connector

  • Add ActiveCampaign personalization tag to the field name on the plugin as shown in the above image
  • On the field, value add contact form 7 field

Now your form is ready to collect leads, once the user fills the form and submits you will directly get its data to your ActiveCampaign.

If you found any trouble configuring the plugin then feel free to contact us via our contact form

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